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Making church plantings as simple as possible

We are ICP

There are different church planting organisations active in Europe. ICP Europe stands out because of our special focus on diversity: the inclusion of all cultures within the church. As it is in heaven!
ICP would love to support starting a national or regional network, where you could locally help and support planting more intercultural churches in line with your local context.


Plant a church

There are many ways in which we can plant a church. One of them is by starting with an Alpha Course. We then compare starting a new church to climbing a mountain. After Alpha we support you in several stages to organically and simply plant a church. You will find out, joining the mission…..

We believe the church of the future will be an intercultural church

We dream of new churches that will model unity and foreshadow Gods plan of a unified bride from every tribe and language and people and nation. Therefore we want to support a growing movement of torchbearers of Christ from all ethnicities through intercultural churches. We believe the church of the future will be an intercultural church because our cities will be more and more colorful and therefore we would like to plant churches that explicitly reach out to different ethnicities.

Songs2Serve Europe trains the Intercultural Church Plants to worship Jesus together in unity, while expressing their variety in race and tongue so that people can meet God in the language and music of their hearts. We are ready to serve and facilitate this cause by training, coaching and equipping you where you need it. 

We are excited about our website where we build on a database of songs from many languages and take care for singable translations. Please fill in the contact form and let us know about your church!