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Five New Testament passages from a Jewish perspective

In discipling new believers and reading with them through the New Testament, it is crucial to point out the Jewish roots of our faith.

Fulfill your ministry

September 26, 2021, 1:40 PM. The Dresden airport and the beautiful houses surrounding it draw near as we prepare for landing.
Christmas intercultural church

How to celebrate Christmas in an intercultural setting?

In the Dutch ICP network, we found out that several ingredients are part of the annual Christmas celebration: images, family time and giving presents.
ALPHA course Sam

Sam started an Alpha course in a rehabilitation centre

The vision to start an Alpha goes back almost a year ago. During the lockdown I asked the Lord "where are you moving?" in prayer before bed.

Some entrepreneurial lessons for the church

What can the church learn from an entrepreneur? What has business mindset to do with Spirit-lead church planting?
Adam Martin

Praying for a breakthrough

We should stir ourselves to pray, that we would pray like the early church. Praying with intensity, persistently and praying together.
Philip Kirkland

Lessons from Southern Europe

Philip Kirkland shares nine lessons he had learned in Southern Europe during planting a new intercultural church.

Five leadership habits that hinder multiplication

Those who do understand Paul well know that apostles and such are not given to do all the work, but “to equip the saints for the work of his service.” They should not do the work them-selves!

The world in-between church planting and business

There are many similarities between entrepreneurship and church planting. Both involve acting in surroundings full of uncertainty.

The wisdom of a Persian New Year’s prayer

"Renewer of hearts and insights, Lord of day and night, Former of times and circumstances, Form our inner being to the best state of mind."

The miracle of the flower bulb

As church leaders, we decided that everybody would receive a Christmas gift. A card with a personal wish from our pastor, a few small bags of sweets, a candle, and a large amaryllis flower bulb.

‘Migration stains’ leave their marks in your new existence

During a television program about mediator Frank Visser, I recently heard a Dutch word that was new to me; it can be translated as: 'migration stain'. I had never heard of it before.

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