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The wisdom of a Persian New Year’s prayer

"Renewer of hearts and insights, Lord of day and night, Former of times and circumstances, Form our inner being to the best state of mind."

The miracle of the flower bulb

As church leaders, we decided that everybody would receive a Christmas gift. A card with a personal wish from our pastor, a few small bags of sweets, a candle, and a large amaryllis flower bulb.

‘Migration stains’ leave their marks in your new existence

During a television program about mediator Frank Visser, I recently heard a Dutch word that was new to me; it can be translated as: 'migration stain'. I had never heard of it before.

Afraid of death(?)

When the Afghan Nasira is admitted to the emergency room of the hospital, I am really not surprised. Considering her past, we knew this was inevitable.

God softened his heart

Abufazel is one of my students at the training my husband and I made for newcomers in the Netherlands, so they get some insight into the why of Dutch values and thought patterns.

How to reach people as a church?

How to reach more people with the Good News? If you fish, cast your nets out at different levels in order to reach all kinds of people in different ways.

A torch is meant to burn in the dark

The torch is an important metaphor of missionary work and church planting. This blog describes what the torch teaches about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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