Why do we use Alpha?

The reason we start with Alpha is that, at the beginning of the mountaineering, we need to make sure we reach seekers! It would be rather easy to start walking with Christians for an extended time. But that is exactly what we would like to avoid: this is all about Jesus’ heartbeat to make disciples of all ethnicities. 

We do believe that sharing life and relationships is at the core of that. Alpha is a strong brand, a proven concept and many people across Europe already have experience with that. Alpha helps to get started fast and include Christians and seekers who walk together on the trail of mission and discipleship. That is why we are so excited about Alpha and decided to work with this course. 

Watch the video:

Alpha is a great way to create a community, ICP has the tools to continue with this group of people (Duration: 2:35).


Participating in the ADVANCE! training means to agree with certain terms and conditions. This commitment supports you and other participants to get most out of our hike together!

  • Before you start the ADVANCE! training, you make sure that you are familiar with the 7 best practices of Alpha. You either participated during the workshop about this topic during the ADVANCE! conference OR you are committed to study these materials at the online ICP training platform.
  • You are dedicated to start within 3 months after enrollment to form a team and host an Alpha course in your own context. We believe in the importance of offering just-in-time training.
  • You are committed to go through the pre-session materials and join faithfully the (online) gatherings with your training group.
  • You are willing to contribute €750,- or raise funds in your church and/or network to make the training possible.

Download the agreement here.

Why do we work with a buddy system?

As we climb the mountain of intercultural church planting together, we want to make sure that you, besides participating in a small group, do not continue the track alone, but together with a buddy. This is what we call a buddy system.

In our buddy system two pioneers or buddies operate together as a unit so that they are able to monitor and to help each other. In other words, buddies provide each other feedback during the climb and are accountable towards each other. We want to make sure that you climb safely and reach the top!

Why we strongly encourage you to walk with a buddy (or buddies):

  • You are fully responsible for your growth in the SHAPE and SKILL modules, since only the TOOL module (which covers practical equipment for Alpha, Discovery Group and Missional Community) will be discussed with your coordinator and small group. To get most out of your training, go with your buddy through the materials which are not covered during the online meetings.
  • Mutual encouragement, excitement to climb together, invest in each other lives, friendship!

Watch the video

The buddy system assists you to process the content of the training more deeply, grow more in your walk with Jesus and develop personally during this ADVANCE! training (Duration: 2:39).

Mountaineering with ICP

The ICP track

ICP Europe offers an unique track to climb the mountain of planting an intercultural community. The metaphor of a mountain is used to keep the way of planting a church as simple as possible. The climb consists of five stages, starting with a small group for seekers. ICP does not claim that our track to the peak of the mountain is the only option. There are many ways and many trails to get there. However, experience has taught us that when everyone tries to find their own way to the top, many fall into unnecessary traps and wander around too long. The track ICP offers helps you to avoid pitfalls, the dangers of mountain climbing and to prevent unnecessary stops, failures or setbacks. In our opinion, we have found a beautiful, tested and trusted trail. Great that you decided to climb with us!

“Our aim is to keep the way of church planting as simple as possible”


The five stages

Evelien shares how the vision of ICP is helpful to participate in this exciting missional movement while keeping things simple, practical and relevant for everyday life (Duration: 4:20).

What is ICP?

We would love to introduce you to ICP. Why is it so exciting to participate together in God’s mission in Europe?

Watch the video:

Who we are

ICP Europe stands for Intercultural Church Planting. ICP started in 2000 with the first international intercultural church plant, ICF (International Christian Fellowship) Rotterdam. This church plant was the beginning of a Dutch ICP network (2005). In a time span of 10 years, 30 new churches were planted. ICP NL facilitated those churches with coaching and training. At that time, all over Europe people started to be involved in the same mission, namely, to plant new churches. In 2017, ICP EU was launched. After a couple of years, ICP Europe now walks, works and worships together with friends from Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.