This lesson is part of the module “Spiritual sensitivity”. As a church planter, your first need is to have an open connection with God. Do you recognise Gods voice? When was the last time he spoke clearly to you?

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  1. In which of the 5 points that are mentioned would you like to grow in hearing God’s voice? How are you going to do that?
  2. Set an appointment with God. Go into nature for a couple of hours, take your Bible and your notebook with you. Turn your mobile phone off. Try to become silent so that you might hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit.
    • Think about the following question: What question are you wrestling with during this missional trail? Choose one of the 5 points mentioned in the podcast to find an answer from your heavenly Father.
    • Share with your buddy what you think God might say, but also honestly share your disappointments.


Loren Cunningham, Is That Really You God? Hearing the Voice of God, 2001, YWAM.