In this series we discuss the topic spiritual disciplines, which are regular practices that benefit your spiritual life. The goal of this module is that you are able to practice four spiritual disciplines. In a podcast, church planter Hans Euser shares insights about reading the Word. This lesson equips you to develop a healthy rhithm in reading the Word of God in your daily life.

Listen now the podcast called “Three reasons to read the Bible as a church planter”.

Discover what is responsible handling of the Word of God, why Bible reading is so important for church planters and how to train ourselves to dealing with God’s Word—and lead others in it? (Duration: 14:52).

This podcast is available in Dutch, or read the transcript in English and Dutch.

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  1. Summarise the reasons of using the Bible, especially in the context of intercultural pioneering.
  2. Write down the challenges you face in reading and studying the Bible.


In the podcast, Hans Euser mentions three advices to foster the use of your Bible:

  1. Put an open Bible in a visible place.
  2. Make a plan for this month. Which chapters from the Bible do you want to read?
  3. Meditate regularly on a short passage of the Bible, writing it down and carrying it with you.

Meet your buddy. Put these advices into practice or find other ways to do it. Discuss the process together.