This module is about practical life, living out life of Jesus in a healthy way. Our desire is to equip you to apply the Gospel truths in your daily life. In the previous podcast, church planter Philip Kirkland discussed the topic family life. In this lesson, Philip talks about the topic of time, since one main challenge among church planters is to deal wisely with time. The intercultural challenge is that people from other cultures think differently about time! This lesson assists you to manage your own schedule well in order to protect yourself against stress and a burn-out.

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As an intercultural pioneer, you meet people with other ideas about time. For example, Northern Europeans are generally speaking more punctual than people from Southern Europe. How do you show sensitivity regarding the different ideas about what time is in your Discovery Group?


In the podcast, Philip Kirkland refers to the StoryBrand Productivity Schedule as a tool to get more balance in your agenda. If you are struggling with managing your time, we encourage you to set, in consultation with your buddy, at least one day a week aside to use this schedule. Keep each other accountable!


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