“Intercultural” is one of the five values of ICP Europe. In this module you will dive into the world behind the cultural differences. We help you to develop your intercultural skills in building an intercultural community. This lesson is all about communication.

Watch the video

What are the values behind the way people interact with each other? (Duration: 17:55).

Or listen to the audio version. The images mentioned in the lesson are available here: image 1 and image 2.


  1. Values are individual beliefs that motivate people to act one way or another. What are important values in your culture?
  2. You want to be hospitable towards others. Which values do play a role in being hospitable? In what way might your values conflict the values of your guest from another culture?

Make it practical

  1. Do this exercise as a group. Discuss the differences.
  2. Use Rien’s tree and try to figure out what the values are behind the differences. Why is someone more direct or indirect? Dive deeper into people’s worldviews.


Do you like to learn more about the values behind the different communication styles? Read the book of Erin Meyer, The Culture Map, Ingram Publisher services, 2014. It is a book which provides you insights on cultural differences.