Freedom, repentance and faith

This lesson is part of the module called The Gospel. If you really understand what the Gospel is, the Good News of God will transform your life. In this lesson you will learn more about repentance and faith.


Watch the video and answer the questions.

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  1. John’s name means: ‘God is gracious’. What has the grace of God to do with the message of repentance?
  2. How may you help new Christians to deeply repent from their past?


Meet your buddy. Some suggestions for the time together:

  1. Pray through Psalm 139:23-24. What does God say to you?
  2. James, the brother of the Lord, was a preacher of repentance. Read James 1-5 and write down what touches you.

Bring that what stands out, together with your buddy, into the Presence of God.


Neil T. Anderson, The steps to freedom in Christ, Bethany house, 2017.