This series is about discipleship, the heart of planting a new intercultural church. The overall aim is to become a disciple who makes disciples. In the first lesson we start with the question: “What is discipling?” Through storytelling -an African way of teaching-, church planter Alex Ndemezo clarifies what discipleship signifies. The goal of this lesson is to grasp the idea of what discipleship is and starting to disciple someone.

Watch the video and answer some questions.

Discipleship is passing on the light, the message of Jesus Christ, that what we have heard from those who discipled us (Duration: 8:38).


Answer personally these two questions:

  1. Describe in your own words what discipleship means in your own context.
  2. Which lessons do you get out of the video? Write down two concrete steps you want to take and put these into practice. You may ask your buddy to keep each other accountable.


What if you are a disciple of Christ but not make new disciples; people who become flourishing followers of Jesus?

That is why we challenge you and your buddy to pass on the flame of Light to others. Set together a goal for the coming weeks to intentionally meet a friend who does not know Jesus yet.

Some suggestions:

a. Invite a friend for a dinner at your place
b. Treat someone to a coffee
c. Search for an opportunity to celebrate life with a friend. This might be: celebration of knowing each other 1 year, new birth in the family, weekend, etc. Be creative!