In this series we are talking about the Alpha course. In four lessons we train you to successfully lead an intercultural Alpha course. This lesson is about building a team and inviting people. What is an Alpha course without a team? How to help other team members to thrive? Which roles are available within a team? How to invite people effectively to your first Alpha session? That’s what this lesson is all about!

Team formation

Watch the video, take notes and set time aside to reflect.

Alpha gives the opportunity for a team to use their spiritual gifts in different ways (Duration: 3:08).


  1. What are the key roles within an Alpha team?
  2. Write down the names of a few people who would be a good fit for your team.

Put into practice

Connect with your Alpha team, come together and discuss what has to be organised before starting the Alpha course.

  • Foster a culture of prayer and prepare the Alpha course together spiritually: PRAY!
  • Divide the key roles among your the team.
  • Discuss how the team might create a loving environment for the participants so that they feel themselves welcome.


Watch the video of Joost Klok about invitation.

Put into practice

Invitation is a challenging step in the start-up of an Alpha course. Gather your Alpha team, go as a team through the advices Joost Klok provided on the topic ‘Invitation’. Use the empty prayer list below as well.

Additionally, you might discuss within your team the following two questions:

  1. How many nationalities do you count? (because we want to plant a communities which represent our colorful neighborhoods!)
  2. How are we as a team going to invite them? Do we need to differentiate in our approach? (because we want to have all team members involved in sharing the news, inviting people!)