In this series we are talking about the Alpha course. In four lessons we train you to successfully lead an intercultural Alpha course. The previous lesson was about the group discussion. We move on to the Alpha weekend and prayer ministry. What does it take to organize the weekend? How can I get my team involved? How to put prayer ministry in practice? That’s what this lesson is about!

The Alpha weekend usually takes place during the seventh week of Alpha. It is a change to get away from the busyness of life, so people can build friendships, have space to reflect on the journey so far and receive prayer ministry.

The goal of the Alpha-weekend is to intentionally and thoughtfully make space for guests to experience the love and power of God in a personal way. This happens through prayer.

The Alpha weekend is the highlight of the course: the participants open up to God and each other, in a relaxed setting. Used with permission (Alpha NL) (Duration: 30:00)

Put into practice

  1. Watch the training video of the Alpha-weekend and prayer ministry together as a team.
  2. Discuss the expectations of your team regarding the Alpha weekend in a creative way (for example: mind map, drawing pictures to express hopes and feelings).
  3. Read with your team the document regarding the Alpha-weekend.
  4. Make a simple plan how to organise the weekend well. Think as a team about the goal(s), program, and facilitations.
  5. Divide the responsabilities and roles among the team members.
  6. Finish the meeting with your team by praying for one another. Practice the prayer ministry as explained in the video.

Note of trainer Joost Klok: “It is OK to finish the weekend earlier, Saturday instead of Sunday. Make sure that you conclude the weekend as a group and give everyone the opportunity to share their experiences so far”. Find here a plan for one day or two days away.