“The Basics of a Missional Community” is part of the tool module called Missional Community. What is a MC? How to lead a MC? What is our mission? In this lesson we start with discovering what a MC really is. Get inspired!

Watch the video

What is the mission of your Missional Community: a people group or place? (Duration: 4:59).

The script of the video is available.


  1. How are you building and investing in creating community? 
  2. What’s your mission – a People group or Place?

Put into practice

In the article below you find the first steps to get a clearer picture of the area where you are called to serve and how to discern your target group(s). Discuss with your team which steps might suit your context the best for this moment. Make a plan and GO!


Theo Visser, ICP Manual: Planting Churches through Missional Communities, 2021, ICP Europe, 42-52.