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Plant a new church

in your neighbourhood

We believe in bringing all different kind of people together in new churches all over Europe. You can make a difference in your own city, village or neighbourhood. Do you dream of planting a new community for Christ? We can help you to do it. M4 Intercultural developed an easy way to do it. Start small with a limited time investment with setting up an Alpha Course. Find out along the way with us your talents, your strengths and your calling. By joining M4 Intercultural you will be part of an international network of church planters, trainers and coaches and you get all the support and training (and more) to be a blessing in your own neighbourhood. 


Work on the road till June 2025

  1. We believe that every journey starts with a single step. M4 Intercultural developed a 4-stage model that begins with learning to live a missional lifestyle. We are eager to assist you in growing into an Intercultural Church Plant and ultimately a network of churches in your region.
  2. M4 Intercultural developed an online training program to help, teach and facilitate you in every aspect of planting a new church.
  3. We are looking for people with a true desire to plant a new church. No need to be a theologian. We are focussing on co-vocational people: entrepreneurs or professionals who want to dedicate 8-12 hours per week to building a community in their neighbourhood.

“It is really wonderful to see how freely and joyfully she is telling people around her about Jesus”. 

We love Alpha! Alpha is a proven concept in walking together with seekers and Christians. Our heartbeat is to make disciples of all ethnicities, namely these sheep who are outside the fold. “I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”

Alpha helps to get started fast, is inclusive and sharing life and relationships is at its core. As M4 Intercultrual, we too believe that creating friendships is crucial for discipleship. Besides that, Alpha is a strong brand and successfully used across Europe and other parts of the world. Their materials are available in 112 languages. Alpha provides training videos and useful materials on how to invite and train people, for example.



But what to do after running an Alpha course? Our trail offers you great opportunities, especially if you are open that this adventure leads to planting a new church. 

M4 Intercultural loves multiplication! What if those who have met Jesus through Alpha are going to open their houses and invest their gifts in joining an Alpha team, leading a small group, bringing their friends to the course…? That is our dream. Our training program is designed to grow personally and join the mission of Christ at the same time. 

Plant a new church in your neighbourhood


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