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Plant a new church in your neighbourhood
We believe in bringing all different kind of people together in new churches all over Europe. You can make a difference in your own city, village or neighbourhood. Do you dream of planting a new community for Christ? We can help you to do it. ICP developed an easy way to do it. Start small with a limited time investment with setting up an Alpha Course. Find out along the way with us your talents, your strengths and your calling. By joining ICP you will be part of an international network of church planters, trainers and coaches and you get all the support and training (and more) to be a blessing in your own neighbourhood!


  1. We believe that every journey starts with a single step. ICP developed a 5-stage model that simply starts with organizing an Alpha Course. That is the first step. We are eager to assist you in growing into an Intercultural Church Plant and ultimately a network of churches in your region.
  2. ICP Europe developed a 2-year online trainingsprogram to help, teach and facilitate you in every aspect of planting a new church.
  3. Are you a church planter? We are looking for people with a true desire to plant a new church. No need to be a theologian. We are focussing on co-vocationial people. Entrepreneurs or professionals who wants to dedicate 8-12 hours per week to start a new community in their neighbourhood.



“It is really wonderful to see how freely and joyfully she is telling people around her about Jesus”. 

Rob van der Dussen – Coördinator

Do you have any questions about intercultural church planting or the assessment ask your questions to Rob. He would like to help you and make the connection with you and our local leadership team in your area.

Plant a new church in your neighbourhood

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