Today we want to thank God for…
Prayer partners in Korea and America who pray for church planters in Europe WEEKLY! 

Alpha courses, including a Youth Alpha group, starting this week in towns across Germany and the Netherlands. We are so thankful to God for people who are hearing the call to go and make disciples across our continent!

This week we ask you to join with us in bringing these petitions before our Almighty God…
For Lisa in Germany and Adriaan in the Netherlands; transformed lives in Alpha groups. That those people who have committed to attend Alpha courses this week will attend and be transformed by the power of God’s spirit. Please also pray for attendees who are suffering from depression. 

For Philipp in Switzerland; reading the bible with their neighbours. We ask God for His Word to be truth and life to these neighbours!

For Erland in Norway; new converts. Young people are coming to Jesus after being raised in the Muslim faith. Pray that God will sustain them daily and continue to show them His love for them in real and powerful ways, and that He would use them to bring others to the same saving faith.

For Jorge in Germany; open doors for teams to share Christ with refugees and gangs. Please also pray for protection and wisdom for these teams.

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