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Meet our trainers. 

Our slogan says: following Jesus in a colorful movement. That is why we are looking for pioneers and churches who are ready to plant an intercultural church. As ICP we want to support and coach them individually and collectively. We are delight to introduce you to our trainers.

Marcus Rose ICP Europe Trainer Intercultural Church Plants

Marcus Rose

Marcus grew up in East Germany, in a tiny village somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. That might explain the “underground vibe”. Not the whole “being like the wind”-thing. According to him, he got that one from Jesus. And like Jesus, he sometimes just shows up. For example on a train.

Intercultural Church Plants ICP Sara

Sara Mohi

Sara was born and raised in the Middle-East, but lived for the last 30 years in Europe. She works as a trainer and counselor with groups and individuals. She is a strong and sensitive person with a lot of knowledge and experience with intercultural dynamics in society and church.

Hans Euser ICP Europe Trainer Intercultural Church Plants

Hans Euser

Hans Euser is married to Caroline. Together they serve ICP The Netherlands as network leaders of 30 different intercultural church plants. Between 2010 and 2017 they planted a community themselves, the International Christian Family of Veenendaal. Now they live in Rotterdam in a neighbourhood were 75% of the inhabitants has a non Dutch background. They started recently an integrated intercultural coffee / clothing / barber shop from which they can serve their neighbourhood.

Intercultural Church Plants ICP Theo

Theo Visser

Theo grew up in the region of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Theo has a great passion for the God of diversity. And ever more for helping people to encounter Jesus and become his follower, in such a way that this fire will spread. So, Theo has made his work out of this passion.

Chad Holland ICP Europe Trainer Intercultural Church Plants

Chad Holland

Chad now serves as the CEO and Overseer of the King of Kings Family of Ministries, which is a network of connected congregations and ministries, primarily serving Israel, but also includes a number of communities abroad. It is his passion to plant intercultural churches of Jews and gentiles in Israel an abroad. All the way from King of Kings Jerusalem as a base church.


Marco Heijstek

Different by being myself. That's Marco's motto. As an integrative counselor and change expert, he is especially interested in what happens in and between people. He can talk for hours about themes such as communication, collaboration, self-leadership and interaction. He works as an independent organizational consultant, trainer and coach at various companies.


Roberto Bottrel

Roberto originally comes from Brazil. Here he learned many lessons about cell churches that he is sharing over the last years in Europe. With great enthusiasm he spreads the word: if churches work with missional cells, they will attract more seekers and train more believers on the job in community, sharing life, hospitality and discipleship.


René Breuel

René Breuel grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is the Founding Pastor of Hopera, a church in Rome, Italy. He has a masters degree from Regent College and from Oxford University and is the author of The Paradox of Happiness. Expertise: intercultural preaching


Jessie Tang

Born and raised in the UK with a Chinese background, Jessie is a fan of all things intercultural. She studied Music and Ethnomusicology with an interest in second-generation immigrants, intercultural worship and missions. To her, advocating for and embracing diversity is so important in learning how to love others and know God more. Expertise: Intercultural worship, second generation immigrants, passion for intercultural church planting.


Paul Coulter

Based in his native Northern Ireland, Paul is confused about his national identity – Irish, British, Ulster-Scots, maybe even European, who knows? Marrying a Chinese Malaysian wife made things even worse, and their children are cultural mosaics. But he’s learning from his namesake to say, “For me, to live is Christ”!


Apollo Makara

Apollo Makara is originally from Rwanda, he lived and studied in Belgium, and now resides with his Dutch wife in Rotterdam. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the New Testament. His passion is to equip church leaders through biblical training. He also serves at Tyndale Seminary & NET Foundation. Expertise: New Testament, biblical training.

Joost Klok

Joost Klok

My name is Joost Klok and I work for Alpha in the Netherlands for over 10 years now. My passion is to see lively churches where people experience the love of God and many people discover Gods love for the first time in their lives. I am excited about the ICP churchplanting movement and committed to support you in the best way I can. Expertise: Alpha trainer.


Sarah Breuel

Sarah Breuel serves as the Director of Revive Europe and the Evangelism Training Coordinator for IFES Europe. Included in Christianity Today’s “33 under 33” list of leaders to watch, Sarah served as Chair of the Lausanne Younger Leaders Global Gathering 2016. Originally from Brazil and currently living in Rome, Sarah has worked for IFES in four national movements in the last 16 years (Brazil, Canada, Norway, and Italy) and currently works in the European region. She has a business degree, an MDiv from Regent College, and serves globally in the Lausanne Board of Directors. Sarah is married to René. They have planted a vibrant church in Rome and have two boys: Pietro and Matteo.

Jean-Marc Fritsch

Jean-Marc Fritsch

During my 30 years among unreached people groups in Africa the Lord Jesus taught me how to move from institution to movement ; from beeing church focused to Kingdom of God centered with the results of hundreds of churches planted by disciples who multiply AND transformation occured with community development principles. Back in France, we continue to mobilize and equip thousands to be workers in the Harvest.

Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson

As a spiritual entrepreneur and movement catalyst, Rich founded and has pioneered CATALYSE CHANGE which provides leadership training for church leaders, network leaders and Christian entrepreneursacross thechurch and non-profit space. Over the past 20 years, Rich has led pioneering work in missional disciple-making, innovation and entrepreneurship, and organizational change across the globe. He has founded and currently leads both MLC (Movement Leaders Collective-working with church, movement and network leaders) and CREO (working with Christian entrepreneurs).
Rich lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is married to Anna, who is a writer and editor. They have three children: Josiah, Esther and Samuel. As a family, that follows Jesus, they are passionate about living intentionallyand with integrity.

Philip Kirkland

Philip Kirkland

Philip has been serving the church in Athens, Greece since 2012. Born and raised in the United States, Philip has a heart to see healthy multicultural churches established in Greece, and he is currently the pastor of the Greek Intercultural Church of Athens. He has been married for 19 years to his lovely wife Joy and together they have 3 teenage children.