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Marcus Rose

Marcus grew up in East Germany, in a tiny village somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. That might explain the “underground vibe”. Not the whole “being like the wind”-thing. According to him, he got that one from Jesus.

And like Jesus, he sometimes just shows up. For example on a train.

Everything might start with some remarks about the weather, the last Ajax game, or how interesting the picture on your sweater is. And suddenly you are talking about the meaning of life. Or you might get a message on WhatsApp. Saying that he has heard about what you have done the last three years. From your friend Peter. Asking if the two of you could talk shortly. Six months later you realize that he has been discipling you since that first call.

Sometimes he even comes out of hiding and is interviewed at a conference about church multiplication. Or he organizes a training weekend for apostolically gifted next generation leaders. Or surprisingly preaches in your church about a topic nobody saw coming (“Why you should never get married but if you have how to make every day count”).

By the way, he doesn’t do this alone. Since ‘99, hundreds of (house)churches all over Germany, Europe and everywhere else have been started. It’s not a new whatever. It’s more like a covenant. Jesus put us together, let’s do it together until the ends of the earth. And he does it together with Stefanie. Has done it together with her for the last 17 years and with three kids.

Expertise: multiplication of house churches