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Paul Coulter

Based in his native Northern Ireland, Paul is confused about his national identity – Irish, British, Ulster-Scots, maybe even European, who knows? Marrying a Chinese Malaysian wife made things even worse, and their children are cultural mosaics. But he’s learning from his namesake to say, “For me, to live is Christ”!

The Irish talk about the ‘gift of the gab’ – an ability to talk at great length about very little in a light-hearted way.  If that was an Olympic discipline, Paul might have a chance of a gold medal.  As it is, he is a middle-aged, usually overweight, man who likes to walk and cycle but will never stand on a podium.  When he remembers to stop talking, he also in listening to others, discerning the rhythms of their hearts and helping them synchronise with God’s heartbeat.  

With his wife and two children, Paul is learning to be what he has claimed to be for decades – a Christ-follower who confesses Jesus’ name and lives for his glory.  That commitment has led him through various paths: as a medical doctor, then in cross-cultural pastoral ministry in Belfast, on into PhD research on church planting and teaching in a Bible college. 

Now Paul is Head of Ministry Operations with Living Leadership, a network helping leaders across the UK and Ireland (and maybe beyond) live joyfully in Christ and serve him faithfully.  He also leads the Centre for Christianity in Society, a group of friends in Northern Ireland seeking to show how Christ fulfils every longing in contemporary culture. 

Expertise: mentoring leaders and training in apologetics, ethics, leadership and pastoral care