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Roberto Bottrel

Roberto originally comes from Brazil. Here he learned many lessons about cell churches that he is sharing over the last years in Europe. With great enthusiasm he spreads the word: if churches work with missional cells, they will attract more seekers and train more believers on the job in community, sharing life, hospitality and discipleship.

Roberto shares the lessons and principles of Central DNA. He has much experience with the tips and tricks about working with cells. But most of all: Roberto is a man of God. He underlines the importance of prayer all the time and lives out what he preaches. In doing this he has become a blessing for hundreds of churches across Europe. Don’t tell Roberto that these things just work in South America, because you will be in trouble. By experience he knows that Europe isn’t the easiest place on the planet, but in the power of God also amazing things can happen here.

Expertise: inspiring vision of cell churches. Prayer. Small groups. Discipleship. Mission.