ICP Europe offers an online ADVANCE! training in English. This training is developed for pioneers in Europe who in the place where they live would like to start building an intercultural missional community which eventually might grow into an intercultural church plant. The training consists of ten lessons, which are organized on a monthly basis. The first lesson starts with the Alpha course and finishes at the stage of the missional community.

In order to offer the ADVANCE! trajectory low-cost to potential pioneers in Europe, we are looking for a Fundraiser on voluntary basis.

How does this voluntary job look like?

  • You will participate in the ICP Europe team and get to know the broader network of our non-profit organization.
  • Find opportunities to enlarge our network of supporters and churches.
  • Raise funds to make sure that all expenses related to the mission of ICP in Europe are covered (You will receive 10% of the raised funds as a gift, 5% in of funds bigger than 50.000€). Since we cannot afford to offer a salary at this point: no cure, no pay.

Who are you?

  • You are a disciple of Christ yourself.
  • You are fluent in Dutch. English might be helpful.
  • You are a networker and enthusiast to find ways to connect donors to the mission of ICP Europe, at the first place in The Netherlands.
  • You are willing to work according to the DNA of ICP Europe.
  • You are living in The Netherlands and are able to come to our office in Rotterdam.

Interested in becoming a Fundraiser? Send your application to [email protected]


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